Code of Ethics at Sunny Tatra

Dr. Sunny Tatra and his team recently encountered a negative review that was posted on our RateMDs page.  While we are always receptive and encourage our clients to share their experiences and provide feedback, this particular review violated the CDSBC (College of Dental Surgeons of British Columbia) Code of Ethics.

The clinic is run in alignment with those ethics and as a result it is disappointing to discover that another clinic does not do the same.  Specifically, the review stated that the former client’s new dentist had made disparaging comments about previous work that had allegedly been performed by Dr. Sunny Tatra and the team.  Here at the clinic, we follow the Code of Ethics while exhibiting values of autonomy, beneficence, compassion, fairness and integrity.  Operating the clinic and having the opportunity to improve peoples’ oral health, educate them, and make them happy in a comfortable and honest environment is both our pleasure and goal.


CDSBC (College of Dental Surgeons of British Columbia) Code of Ethics

We will continue to provide our clients with the best client experience possible, practicing the Core Values and Code of Ethics.  And as always, we love receiving feedback and reviews on our RateMDs and Facebook pages!

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