COVID-19 Patient Health & Safety

COVID-19 – Our Commitment to You

Your health & safety are our top priority!

As a team of trained medical professionals, we are dedicated to maintaining a safe environment for our patients and staff.

Rigorous infection control procedures have always been at the core of everything we do here at Dr. Tatra Dental. Our dedication to stringent infection control procedures remains unwavering, and we continue to adhere to both CDC and provincial guidelines. With the evolving status of COVID-19, we are now adapting our safety measures to align with the transition from a pandemic to an endemic state. While some of our previous additional safety protocols are no longer deemed necessary, we will maintain the highest standards to provide you with excellent dental care and peace of mind.

As there has been a downgrade in the status of the Covid Pandemic, we have reverted to the following protocols, effective September 2023:

  1. All staff wearing Level III mask
  2. Plexiglass is still at reception
  3. Hand sanitizer is still available at the entry to the clinic
  4. On the Dentist side we are still wearing lab coats and face shields when we do procedures that generate aerosols, and then changing lab Coats and disinfecting face shields
  5. For any procedure generating aerosol or not, the chairs and any touched surfaces and treatment surfaces are disinfected as per the universal precautions standard pre-pandemic
  6. In addition, for any procedure where we generate Aerosoles, all walls are wiped down with disinfectant in addition to item 5 above
  7. We are still using 5 Surgically Clean Air units with UV (Air filtration and purification), and 2 AeraMax air filtration units – both types of air purification units have HEPA Filters and Charcoal Filters etc. etc., while the Surgically Clean units also have UV
  8. Hygiene is no longer wearing face shields or lab coats for most procedures but still use PurVac high volume suction while working
  9. Patient masking is appreciated but no longer necessary as per the post-pandemic guidelines
  10. If patients are not feeling well they do have the option to reschedule if they have a respiratory illness or fever. However, we request/prefer 48 hours’ notice if possible so we can fill the cancelled appointment with those waiting for a time slot to open sooner. It is very difficult to allocate chair time to another patient when a booked patient cancels on the day of the appointment at short notice.