How Flossing Keeps Your Teeth Healthy

Flossing – how much can more can it do?  In addition to removing the plaque and food that is stuck in between your teeth, proper and consistent flossing can actually reverse cavities and decay!  One of our clients recently saved one of her teeth from requiring a filling.
During the client’s visit in January, Dr. Tatra and the team recommended the client improve her oral hygiene care at home.  If her oral health did not improve, there would be a risk of one of her teeth requiring a filling.  As seen in the image below, the decay in the tooth was extremely close to reaching the dentin, the main hard tissue of the tooth, where it would spread even faster.  After showing the patient the image, Dr. Tatra and the team gave her instruction on the proper flossing technique.  The patient left the appointment with instructions to floss once daily and to brush with a fluoride toothpaste.


Jan 2015

Image taken on January 27, 2015 shows the decay on the distal is almost to the dentin (inner portion of the tooth) and the tooth is really close to requiring a filling.


In July, the patient came in for her 6-month continuing care appointment and reported that she had been practicing better and more regular oral hygiene at home as instructed by the team.  Dr. Tatra and the team took another image of the tooth to re-evaluate the tooth, which revealed that the decay had not spread, but was actually slightly smaller than it was in January!  As a result of her improved oral hygiene care, the patient prevented the need for a filling and the team is now only needs to monitor the tooth.


July 2015

Image taken July 9, 2015 shows the decay (dark spot) on the distal (back) portion of the tooth have decreased in size.


In addition to practicing proper oral hygiene through brushing and flossing, making proper food and drink choices will also help keep your teeth healthy.

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