Technology at Sunny Tatra: OraVerse

In Part III of Technology at Sunny Tatra we profile OraVerse, a local anesthesia reversal agent that Dr. Sunny Tatra and the team have begun using at the clinic.  Dr. Sunny Tatra continues to be committed to providing his clients with modern technology and equipment in order to create the best dental experience possible.

OraVerse is the a leading local anesthesia reversal agent that allows Dr. Sunny Tatra’s patients to return to normal sensation more than twice as fast, allowing them to continue with their day and activities without any discomfort.  Oraverse reverses effects of numbness faster, eliminating swollen, bitten lips and with it the inability to talk, smile and drink.  To learn more about OraVerse, watch the video below (the segment on OraVerse begins at the 1:38 mark):



Thanks to OraVerse, future appointments and procedures with Dr. Sunny Tatra and his team can be scheduled with peace of mind, knowing that you can continue on with the rest of your day almost instantly without pain and numbness.

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