Technology at Sunny Tatra: Identafi

In Part II of Technology at Sunny Tatra we profile Identafi, an oral cancer screening device used at the new clinic.  Dr. Sunny Tatra continues to be committed to providing his clients with modern technology and equipment in order to create the best dental experience possible.

The Identafi uses multi-spectral fluorescence and reflectance technology to improve the detection of oral cancer.  Whereas other oral cancer devices only feature one spectrum, the Identafi is multi-spectral and is the only screening system with three wavelength technology to better detect signs of oral cancer.  Using the three wavelength technology, Dr. Sunny Tatra is able to examine the affected areas three times, using a different wavelength each time.

The Identafi also allows Dr. Sunny Tatra to provide a more comfortable experience for his clients as the Identafi generates no heat and as a result does not require a fan to be operating during the process.

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