Covid 19 Update – Office Closure

Based on the best recommendation to date (linked to the current spread rate of COVID-19, availability of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), focus on supplies going to Front line Hospitals) we will be temporarily shutting down operations for the next two weeks, and we will re-assess week by week based on the Best Advice and Direction from the Minister of Health, the CDSBC and the BCDA starting this week

I am more interested in keeping all our valued clients and team members safe than risk exposure when it may be in the best interest of both patients and staff to manage pain symptoms and triage over the phone. Isolation, public distancing is key to flatten this curve fast and bring this under control and return to normal life. Any unnecessary exposure could not only expose a patient and my staff but also everyone’s family members; be the exposure in the grocery stores, public transportation, public areas, pharmacy or our clinic environment, even with the recommended disinfection protocols all have ramped up. We will beat this and we must work together to do so as no one gets ahead in life on their own … it is a concerted team effort even if the team is made up of two or our entire global community!

We will have to assess the best time to be available in the clinic for emergency treatment that can not be managed by calling in prescriptions, or over the phone and those will be judged on a case by case bases and under the scrutiny of the strict guidelines in place for emergency dental care in this Province.

We only wish the best outcomes for all at this time on all health care fronts, and at the family and community level.

I will be avail by cell phone and text either at the time of the call/text or shortly after.

To everyone’s continued good health and to the next time we can congregate and have a few drinks, a bite to eat, and thank our team of community members for doing their part to beat this and carry on with life, making memories and taking on new challenges and experiences!

Please call the Office to get my emergency contact or touch base on Messenger through Facebook … we will check the clinic email and voice mails at a few day intervals.

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