Believe it or not, we’ve been having a little fun with preparing to re-open (in safe ways)

At our office, we’ve been doing everything we can to swiftly return to normal, while also following strict health and safety protocols, and we’ve been having a little bit of fun while doing it! Check out our pictures of us Fit-testing for 3M half face P100 (99.97%) filtration for viruses and bacteria and 3Mface shields

Prelim isolation of ops … more to be refined tomorrow

Installing Aeramax DX55 air purifiers … P100 equivalent and have 6 units … each good for 400 sq ft and with six we have filtration for 2400 sq ft and we are just under 1700 sq ft and the air will get filtered 5x per hour.

We’ve always kept our offices hygenic and clean, but by the time we’re done, we’ll almost be better than being outside in the fresh air!

Check out the images by clicking on the featured image above, or check out our Gallery!

Don’t forget to check out our new appointment reminder methods/policy!

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