Protecting Your Teeth from Fruit

Fruit serves as a delicious and refreshing treat while also providing important nutrients and vitamins for our bodies.  However, we must be aware of the effects that fruit can have on our pearly whites.  By following a few simple tips, you can improve your oral health while enjoying your favourite fruits!

  • Try to eat fruit only during meals instead of snacking on fruit throughout the day.  This minimizes the amount of exposure to the natural acids in fruits and allows for longer periods of recovery for your teeth.
  • After eating fruit, wait at least one hour before brushing your teeth – mixing toothpaste and fruit’s acids can erode your enamel!
  • Brushing your teeth before eating fruit, however, is beneficial in providing a barrier against fruit acid.
  • To aid in the neutralization of the acid, add a glass of milk or a cube of cheese to your snack!
  • After eating fruit, rinsing with and drinking water will help remove the acid from your teeth.

Now that you know how to best protect your teeth against the natural acids in fruit, go out there and enjoy while it’s in season!  Remember to follow and like Dr. Sunny Tatra on TwitterFacebook and Google+ to stay up to date with the latest news and tips!  To book an appointment with Dr. Sunny Tatra and his team, phone +1 250 590 0166, email, or fill out the online appointment form!

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