The Benefits of CariVu for Children

Ever wonder what the wand-like tool does at the clinic? It is the DEXIS CariVu, a detection device that helps Dr. Sunny Tatra and the team to identify tooth decay early and effectively.  Dr. Sunny Tatra and the team continue to be committed to providing clients with modern technology and equipment in order to create the best dental service experience.  While the CariVu is effective for all clients, it is especially beneficial for children.

In addition to helping prepare children for their appointment to see Dr. Sunny Tatra and the team, the CariVu is one of many technologies used by the team to ensure clients, adults and children alike, have a comfortable visit.

What is DEXIS CariVu?

The device uses near-infrared light to detect tooth decay by making the teeth enamel appear transparent. Unlike fluorescent imaging technologies, the CariVu does not require teeth cleaning, device calibration or complex measurement metrics, resulting in a more efficient and streamlined process and experience for both Dr. Sunny Tatra and his clients.

The Carivu emits zero radiation and can easily detect a variety of decay, including: occlusal caries, interproximal caries, cracks, secondary caries and recurrent caries. To help prevent cavities altogether, practice healthy eating habits even during the summer!


Benefits for Children

The CariVu provides Dr. Sunny Tatra and the team with an alternative method of detecting tooth decay in a child’s mouth by using imaging instead of x-rays.  It is often impossible for children to cooperate sufficiently to obtain good X-rays, if they will allow the sensor in their mouth at all.  These Cari-Vu images are an alternative that we use to be able to diagnose the necessary treatment.  The little wand used is much less invasive and obtrusive than the X-ray imaging pad.

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